Editing and publication

Journeys book cover

I am very proud to announce that a book I have co-edited is now in publication. The anthology entitled: Journeys: A Space for Words is available to buy from Amazon and from Indigo Dreams Publishing LTD. So far it has been met with very kind reviews. James Nash said that: “Journeys contains a beguiling mixture of pieces which do that thing that the very best writing does, which is to give us insight into our own experience and the experience of others.” (Nash 2016)

Editing the anthology has been a very exciting journey as it has given me the opportunity to work with published and well respected authors such as Martyn Bedford and Char March. Also, I have been uniquely placed to nurture fledgling authors in the first stages of their careers and to help some of them see their work in print for the first time.

When I was first given the chance to develop the anthology, I was more than a little excited. Writing and people’s ability to transform words into worlds and flights of wonder is something that never ceases to amaze me. It was a huge privilege to read the high standard of work generated by our call for submissions.  As I know first-hand, sharing your writing and putting it forward for scrutiny for many people is like baring their soul. We each put a piece of ourselves into the words we commit to the page and I am honoured to have read so much of it in my capacity as editor.

The decision to have a unifying theme of ‘journeys’ seemed right from the outset of the project and it was a truly enlightening experience to read the array of responses generated by that one simple idea. “This theme, as we hoped it would, has attracted an eclectic mix of works, each of which, we feel, encapsulates different nuances of the idea of a journey. Within the compilation, there are pieces dealing with universal themes such as love, loss, growing up and growing old. And there are other interpretations: the journey of a missing scalpel; a stormtrooper at a service station, and a galloping wine bottle.” (Ed Brighton and Buick 2016)

So, if you want to take a look, please do click on the links below.

Until next time, Happy Writing 🙂


Indigo Dreams Publishing


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