Writing after a break

After finishing my MA, I left with hopes and aspirations to finish my novel and live the happy ever after of writing for a living… and then life got in the way.

My job changed, I moved, had some health issues and the list goes on. The writing ground to a total standstill. Then, it somehow became a chore to start again coupled with a crippling fear of failure.

So, I languished like this for more time than I care to admit until the pandemic came along. Then, all of a sudden, I had time again. So time to write… but the pesky paralysing fear of failure was still like a noose around my neck.

In steps my heros, or should I say heroines. Friends from the writing MA who live a long way off, but the pandemic brought with it the new Norm of communication – video calling, which we are now all proficient at. So we start to meet and write and chat and it’s all coming back. Just one thing missing, a space to call my own to write.

Along comes my birthday and, with it, the best present ever! I present to you… my writing shed! A gift from my long suffering husband. Let the writing times roll.

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