The power of people

Writing can be a lonely pursuit, never more so than since the pandemic started. We sit alone in a world with the volume turned down and try and create life. But one thing is missing… the people in our lives. Having more time alone at home would seem to be the perfect recipe for writing. But, yet, it isn’t.

A lot of writing friends I know can only work out of the house. They need the hustle and bustle of places and people; they need to be submerged in the vibrancy of life. So, this could well be why some of us are like a dry ink pot.

In Liu of this life experience, I have tried to create the next best thing by doing virtual write ins with my friends. We talk, we write, we drink coffee and we can spend whole afternoons like this, sometimes with long episodes of companionable silence. But that feeling of not being alone seems to be doing the trick.

It’s not quite a coffee shop or a writers workshop, but it’s the next best thing and has certainly given me the kick I needed.

So, if you’re wondering why writing just isn’t happening for you right now, it could be the answer is people! If you’re feeling stuck, find your writing tribe and turn the camera on!

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