Journal therapy

I’ve heard the term journal therapy bandied around before but only started journaling in earnest about six months ago but I can honestly say it’s helped me no end.

Different ways of journaling.

I’ve experimented with different types of journaling including: bullet journal, journal prompts, morning pages and art junk journal. And what I’ve found works the best is a combination of them all and that actually there is no right or wrong way to do it.

I started by buying a beautiful leather bound book with my name on it. Having something lovely to write in seems to add to the experience for me. I also made it attractive inside with stickers, washi tape, cut outs etc. This has made it such a pleasure to write in and I’ve loved seeing it grow and come to life.

There are days where I wake up and just write (morning pages) until I feel like I’m all written out and this helps to clear my mind for the day ahead. It really doesn’t matter if it’s just stream of consciousness stuff; what matters is that it’s out of your head, leaving your brain free to face the challenges of the day ahead.

Sometimes I have used journal prompts both creative and personal. I’ve used memoir prompts from Jenny Alexander’s book: Free Range Writing and I’ve also used journal prompts from Annie Grace’s 30 Day Alcohol Experiment as part of my sober curious quest. Each writing prompt, no matter how strange it may seem, always reveals something to me. It’s the process of writing and reflection that seems to uncoil the mind.

Some days I don’t feel like writing at all. So I don’t. I might draw or stick in something I’ve found or make a gratitude log or anything that comes to mind. Whatever I use the journal for, I always feel calmer after doing it, as if the pages have absorbed my conscious or often subconscious worries.

If you’re in any doubt, I urge you to have a go. Happy writing. 😊

4 thoughts on “Journal therapy

  1. I love your colorful journal pages. I do journal. My journals aren’t as artistic as yours, but I still find joy in them. There’s something soothing about a pen drawing wave-like cursive words across the paper . . .

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  2. I love journaling! Yours is so creative! Thanks for checking out my blog recently! I hope you enjoyed it and choose to follow! I would really appreciate your support! Thanks!

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