Overcoming a lack of motivation

You have a million other things to do and that’s why you haven’t been writing, right? But, what about when you actually do sit down to write and you still can’t motivate yourself to do it?

Overcoming the empty page

The biggest issue can often be the daunting empty page. It’s perfect and unblemished and can only marked with the most exceptional of literature. STOP that train of thought. The best thing you can do is write something. No? Ok, draw something, doodle, anything. Once it has been started, you will be much more likely to carry on, the fear of the empty page vanquished.

Free writing

On a similar vain, free write. Stream of consciousness writing can often provide invaluable nuggets of gold. And, more than that, it lets you get your jumble of thoughts out in order to clear your mind for your work in progress, or something new. Write and don’t stop until you have filled two pages, safe in the knowledge that it doesn’t have to be anything, and see where you want to go from there.

If none of that works, here are a few prompts to try…

A door

Ok, bare with me here, but I have used this method so many times. So, take your character and face them with a door. With me so far? Ok, so, why are they there? How do they feel? What lies behind the door? Take it from there….

Open a book at a random page

Read the page and try and absorb the voice in which they write. Now try writing a page of your own story but in their voice. This one can produce an array of results.

Using images

Scroll through magazines or pages on the internet and stop at an image that interests you. Don’t analyse it. Don’t wonder what it might mean or why you are drawn to it. Take that image and use it as your prompt.

What happens here?

I would love to read any responses to my prompts. Happy Writing 🙂

One thought on “Overcoming a lack of motivation

  1. The blank page thing is so real. I used to get all these beautiful journals as gifts (family and friends knew I was into writing) and I would have the hardest time using them because I felt like I was destroying the beauty of the pristine white pages.


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